Ueno Museums


Visit-1:《The National Museum of Western Art》Le Corbusier, 1959

Visit-2:《The Metropolitan Festival Hall》Kunio Mayekawa, 1961

Visit-3:《The Metropolitan Art Museum》Kunio Mayekawa, 1975

Visit-4:《The National Library of Children’s Literature》Masamichi Kume, 1908, renovated by Tadao Ando, 2002

Visit-5: 《The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures at Tokyo National Museum》Yoshio Taniguchi, 1999


Participants: 5 people

Navigator: Tom Heneghan


It was a good opportunity to know the point of view of an English architect, Tom Heneghan. For me it was interesting that he focused on the details, and why the details were designed that way – it became clear that each architect had thought carefully about their designs – from the big scale of an elevation to the small scale of a handrail or parapet. It was especially interesting to try to find mistakes in the designs of these great architects.


The participants were not architects but were students and English guide. They really enjoyed the guided tour by Tom.

Report: Nahoko Wada