Access Point: Architecture-Tokyo was established in 2016. Our founding-members are all specialists in the field of architecture, such as architects, historians, journalists and university professors. We formed ‘Access Point’ in response to growing public interest in the architecture of Tokyo, and in architecture’s role as a cultural resource that unites the city’s people - both residents and visitors. We are an “Access Point” that links people with the information they seek.

Promotion of architecture as a cultural resource
- Guided tours for Japanese people.
- Guided tours for foreign visitors.
- Consultant for overseas visitors to create specific tours.
Development of Educational Program
- Creation of educational programs for young people and children, that focus on the concept of architecture as a shared cultural resource.
- Internships for students of Japanese and foreign universities
- Training of ‘Concierge’ tour guides with specialist expertise and abilities in international communications.
- Research, with universities and specialists, on the concept of architecture as a shared cultural resource.
- Open Research Fora and Symposia.
- Creating Architectural Map.

  • Founder
    Nahoko Wada
    Historian, Ph.D / Adjunct Professor of Keio University

    Born in Niigata. Graduated from Keio University, and worked at Museum of Modern Art Kamakura as an assistant curator, Copenhagen University as a guest researcher, Tohoku University of Art and Design as an associate Professor, and Tokyo University of the Arts as a specially appointed associate professor. Coordinated traveling exhibitions and International projects for art and architecture. Her Majors are Japanese modern architecture, Scandinavian architecture, and museology for architecture. Also she has many experience to organize kids workshops at the museums. Published “Water space of Modern Japanese Houses”, “Modern houses in Scandinavia” , “Travel essay of Scandinavian Architecture”

  • Co-Founder
    Tatsuo Iso
    Jounalist / Adjunct Professor of Kuwasawa Design School, Musashino Art University

    Born in Saitama in 1963. Graduated from Nagoya University.
    Worked at Nikkei Architecture as an editor and established Flick Studio as a Co-Founder. Writing many articles about Japanese modern architecture mainly after the war. Published “Architravel of SHOWA Modern”, Architravel of Post Modern”, “Architravel of Kiyonori Kikutake”, “Architravel Japanese Heritage”, “Our Dream of Future City”, “ 634 Soul of Tokyo Sky Tree”. Writing for magazines such as ‘Casa Brutus’, ‘Tokyojin’, ‘JAL SKYWARD’. Guided to Okinawa, Yamagata, and Yokohama.

  • Co-Founder
    Shunsuke Kurakata
    Histolian, Doctor of Engineering/ Associate Professor of Osaka City University

    Born in Tokyo in 1971. Graduated from Waseda University.
    Researcher of Japanese Modern Architecture and published “Documentation of Chuta Ito”, “ Takamawsa Yoshizaka and Le Corbusier”.
    Taught at Extension Center of Waseda University, Asahi Culture Center, NHK Culture Center and gave over 400 lectures. Published “Walking to Retro Architecture in Tokyo”, “How to make Hamonica Yokocho” “ Watch, Walk, and Talk of Tokyo Architecture” for ordinary people.
    Act as a main Member of <Festival of Living Architectural Museum in Osaka> since 2013 and organizing Kids tour as a new way of architectural education.

  • Co-Founder
    Kazuki Wakahara
    Architect / Wakahara Atelier

    Born in Tokyo in 1971. Graduated from Nihon University.
    Worked at Yokogawa Sekkei Kobo, established Wakahara Atelier and designed mainly private houses. Awarded International Competition in China in 2000, “ Dental Clinic of Season’s forest” at the 11th Competition of Wood-use in 2008, “ Workspace in Kohinata” at the 30th INAX Design Competition in 2009, “Small house in Minamisawa” at hope & home Award in 2012. Volunteer guide staff of Chiyoda Seimei Building by Togo Murano at Meguro Museum since 2004.

  • Co-Founder
    Tom Heneghan
    Architect / Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts

    Born in London in 1951. Graduated from the AA School in 1975, and taught there as Unit Master from 1976 until 1990, when he moved to Japan and opened his office in Tokyo. He was Chair of Architecture at the University of Sydney from 2001-2009 and is now Professor of Architecture at Tokyo University of the Arts. For his constructed works, Heneghan was awarded the 1994 ‘Gakkai Shoh’ for 《Grasslands Agricultural Institute, Kumamoto》, and the National Award of the Japanese Government for Public Architecture for 《Forest Park Adatara project in Fukushima in 2002》. His works were included in the Japanese Pavilion at the 1996 Milan Triennale, and in the Australian Pavilion at the 2008 Venice Biennale.

  • Office#302, 2-20 Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku,
    Tokyo 162-0843, Japan
  • Telephone+81-(0)3-4400-1524
  • Establishment5 October, 2016
  • FounderNahoko Wada