Tea ceremony inside capsule vol.5


《Nakagin Capsule Tower Building》by Kisho Kurokawa, 1972


Participants: 4 people

Navigator: Nahoko Wada


Participants are  exchange students of Tokyo University. All of them study architecture. It was special arranged tour for them, including tea ceremony after small lecture of “Metabolism Architecture”.

I am so happy to receive their comments!!




As an architecture student, i felt very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the capsule tower. Nahoko-san knows everything about the construction of the capsule and is a very enthusiastic guide. Attending the tea ceremony is a very special experience that i would highly recommend !!

by Marine Maeder


The tour and tea ceremony at Nakagin Capsule Tower is not only an unique chance to see the iconic Kurokawa-building from the inside, but is a wonderful combination of metabolist history lesson and interactive cultural traditions. The fusion of the raw metabolist architecture and the peaceful modesty of the tea ceremony is a genius combination, and Nahoko-san is the perfect host to unify these two worlds.

by Anders Wunderle Solhøy


I highly recommend Professor Wada’s tea ceremony! It’s an exceptionally rare opportunity to be able to enter one of the capsules, and Professor Wada has kept her capsule’s features consistent with the architect Kisho Kurokawa’s original design. Her capsule is quiet, warm, and peaceful, and spending time there feels like going back in time 40 years and entering the future simultaneously. She even played us period music from the capsule’s built-in Sony tape player. The tea and sweets she served were delicious, and I’ll never forget this experience!

by Veronica Nicholson


Visiting the Nakagin Capsule tower was a wonderful experience. We had the pleasure of visiting the building from the inside, which was very exciting. Nahoko-san is a great guide, and she also taught us a lot about the Metabolist movement and the architect Kisho Kurokawa. In the end, we experienced a beautiful traditional Japanese tea ceremony in one of the apartments.

by Trine Tryggestad Berre