Tea ceremony inside capsule vol.6


Visit-1:《Shizuoka Broadcasting Center》by Kenzo Tange, 1968

Visit-2:《Nakagin Capsule Tower Building》by Kisho Kurokawa, 1972


Participants: 2 people ( from China )

Navigator: Nahoko Wada




Definitely a one of a kind experience! I have long been fascinated by Kisho Kurokawa’s Nagakin Capsule Tower. Luckily I discovered this experience organized by Prof. Nahoko and her assistant. We got to walk through the history of the Metabolism Movement, hear (URL HIDDEN) about Kurokawa, experience tea ceremony and understand the building in an intimate and unique way. I was thrilled when the music started playing in the room, bringing the whole place to life. I have recommended this wonderful experience to my architect friends and I wish AccessPoint could bring the experience to more people who want to understand Japan.

by Yi (review from Airbnb)


This program offers the stunning experience to enter an historical master piece of Japanese architecture, including a tea ceremony and lecture about it. As an architecture student, it was such a memorable experience to learn from the various visual materials, such as the Capsule Apartment itself, the books written by its architect and the videos about him. Thanks to these contents of this program, I assume, even without architectural background, anyone will be able to have fun with it. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience an unique cultural event that is not available anywhere else!

Assistant: Kaoru Iwanaga

Master course student of Tokyo University