Tea ceremony inside Capsule vol.2


Visit-1:《New Shimbashi Building》by Matsuda Hirada, 1971

Visit-2:《Shizuoka Broadcasting Center》by Kenzo Tange, 1968

Visit-3:《Nakagin Capsule Tower Building》by Kisho Kurokawa, 1972


Participants: 4 people ( from Switzerland and France)

Navigator: Nahoko Wada



We started the tour at New Shimbashi Building, which is deeply associated with the culture of Japanese businessmen. Then we headed to Nakagin Capsule Tower Building.


In the Capsule, Prof. Wada gave us a lecture.We learned about the Metabolism Architecture and the tea ceremony through PPT and videos on the monitor.After that, the tea ceremony has held and she made the tea for each guest. A guest  has also learned the tea ceremony, so she taught others how we should behave and drink the tea in the tea ceremony.

Report: Aki Akioka (Internship student)

Master course student of Tokyo University


Amazing tour!! I learnt a lot during this experience and it was unbelievable to see a functioning Kurokawa capsule. This is something that you normally will not be able to see. Enjoy.

by Adrian