Step inside micro-capsule-apartments Vol.28


Visit-1:《New Shimbashi Building》by Matsuda Hirada, 1971

Visit-2:《Shizuoka Broadcasting Center》by Kenzo Tange, 1968

Visit-3:《Nakagin Capsule Tower Building》by Kisho Kurokawa, 1972

Participants: 5 people

Navigator: Nahoko Wada



Even if I’m not familiar with architecture I enjoyed the tour a lot. Nahoko is very nice and happy to answer questions. She was able to convey the main messages behind the architecture of the buildings seen during the tour, also comparing their different styles. Finally, stepping inside a capsule apartment was a very interesting experience, like a time travel back to the 70’s.

by Laura(Airbnb)


Really good tour! If you are already familiar with metabolist architecture and the nakagin capsule tour then you won’t be disappointed – Nahoko is very well versed in the area being a university teacher and gave a really interesting presentation along with showing us around a few different buildings. If you aren’t familiar with it but are just interested in having an experience, you’ll also be pleased. It is very accessible and it’s one of a kind to be inside this amazing little capsule built in 1972 – what Nahako aptly described as a ‘time capsule’. Being inside takes you back to 1972. Nahako also knows the area well and was familiar with other locations we were attending, and also recommended us some museums to visit. We highly recommend seeing this if you’ve got a few hours to spare, and we think it’s well worth the price. 🙂

by Adam(Airbnb)


Such a nice and interesting tour! Highly recommended!

by Greta (Airbnb)