Explore a unique architect’s buildings vol.1


Visit-1:《Door to Fountain》 by Von Jour Caux,1989

Visit-2:《Trip to Carnival》 by Von Jour Caux,1992

Visit-3:《Waseda el Dorado》by Von Jour Caux, 1983

Participants: 5 people

Navigator: Nahoko Wada

Special guest:Von Jour Caux(The architect)



“It was a nice tour we had a chance to see very unique buildings in Tokyo which we would never find by ourselves ”

by Matt Swanson(Airbnb Review)

“This was a great tour. We got to explore a different side to Japanese architecture. We visited three different buildings and net the owner of one and the architect of another. Nahoko was so nice and helpful and shared so much of her knowledge with us.”

by Mariam Al Mashrafi(Airbnb Review)


It was the first tour for foreign guests to visit architecture by Von Jour Caux in English. The guests are one China, three from Russia and one from Oman. It was a special tour that the owner of “Trip to Carnival” and the architect Von Jour Caux guided us by themselves.


I’ve already participated in the Von’s tour for three times as an internship. In this tour, I talked with foreign participants and got new aspects about his architecture. For example, one of them indicated that the texture of the court yard in “Trip to Carnival” looked like Karesansui. I didn’t think so before, but I agreed that point now. Because it showed the world of Ocean and I felt like Japanese atmosphere after getting her opinion.


I enjoyed talking with participants who were university students in U.S. It was a good chance for me to have a discussion with them.


by Ryuta Nakamura (Internship Student)

 Department of Architecture, Waseda University