Explore a unique architect’s buildings vol.2


Visit-1:《Door to Fountain》 by Von Jour Caux,1989

Visit-2:《Trip to Carnival》 by Von Jour Caux,1992

Visit-3:《Condo Hiraki》by Von Jour Caux, 1979

Visit-4:《Royal Vessel》by Von Jour Caux, 1990

Visit-5:《Waseda el Dorado》by Von Jour Caux, 1983


Participants: 2 people

Navigator: Nahoko Wada

Special guest:Von Jour Caux(The architect)



Great to see such wonderful buildings, then to meet the master architect who created them! Involves much walking and trains, so make sure your fit enough to travel the distances to see.

by Steeve (Airbnb review)