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Visit-1:《New Shimbashi Building 》by Matsuda Hirada Architectural firm, ,1971

Visit-2:《Shizuoka Broadcasting Center》by Kenzo Tange, 1968

Visit-3:《Nakagin Capsule Tower》by Kisho Kurokawa, 1972

Visit-4:《Swatch building, Nicolas Hyek Center 》by Shigeru Ban, 2007

Visit-5:《Dentsu Building》by Jean Norvel, 2002

Visit-6:《St. Mary’s Cathedral》by Kenzo Tange, 1964



Participants: Master Student from U. S. and her father

Navigator: Nahoko Wada



It was a private tour for a master student who research on Metabolism architecture from U. S.

We took Yurikamome line to see the man-made island and developing area, including new fish market. Before that, from the top of 《Dentsu Building》 we saw the site of old fish market.

Through the tour, we discussed various topics, not only architectural field but also the differences of culture and life style, and so on.