Ueno Park & Museums

06.06. 2019

Visitors: An Italian teacher living in Tokyo and her mother-in-law

Navigator: Shigeru Yamaki


The visitors are not architectural professionals, but are very interested in architecture. We met in front of the National Museum of Western Art. After brief explanation of the museum and the architecture, we viewed the regular exhibit in the main building. Hearing that the guests were interested in old architecture as well, we took a short tour of Toshogu with explanation of the history of Kaneiji temple and Ueno Park. We then walked to the International Library of Children’s Literature. The original building built in 1906 was renovated in 2002 with the expansion by Tadao Ando. On the way to and back from the library, we viewed Sogakudo Concert Hall and Former Keisei Doubutsukanmae Station. We took a long time in Tokyo National Museum. Horyuji Gallery was the favorite of the visitors, with beautiful artifacts in well thought-out exhibiting environment within neat architecture. We concluded the tour with a brief tour of the main building.