Tokyo Institute of Technology and My House


Visit-1: Campus of《Tokyo Institute of Technology》

Visit-2:《My House》 by Kiyoshi Seike, 1954

Participants: 25 students of School of Architecture & Built Environment, UCSI University from Malaysia

Navigator: Shigeru Yamaki, Nahoko Wada


We had an architectural tour around Ookayama area with people from UCSI, which is a famous university in Malaysia. It’s my first time to join this tour and I joined as an assistant.


First, we visited around architectures in《Tokyo Institute of Technology》, we call《Tokyotech》. Since I’m a student in Tokyotech, I think I was able to give participants some good information.  Architectures in the campus are mainly designed by professors. We could see difference of style reflecting the social conditions of the times and traditions of Tokyotech through the buildings.


We visited My house by Kiyoshi Seike and Plane tree house by Koji Yagi after visiting the campus. My house is known as one of famous housing architecture after WW2. We could see the value of living space even though it’s about 65 years old. We were able to visit Planes house with Koji Yagi, designer of the house. Composition of volumes and relationship with nature on this house was very interesting. I felt this house has better environment than it’s built because it’s got richness of nature more.


I enjoyed talk with participants. To interact with people having different backbone is very stimulating. Thus I want many people to join the tour.


Hirofumi Fujimura

Master course student of Tokyotech