Omotesando Stroll



Participants: A couple from U.S.A.

Access Point’s client: Tokyo Way

Navigator : Shigeru Yamaki



It was a hot and humid sunny/cloudy day during the rainy season.

We met at the hotel in Nihonbashi and moved to Meiji Shrine where we began the tour.

We walked to the shrine enjoying the shaded walkway in the 100-year-old-artificially-grown ‘natural’ forest, a relieving environment in the present-day Tokyo.

From the pedestrian bridge nearby, we took a glimpse of Kenzo Tange’s Olympic Gymnasium now under renovation work for the Olympic Games next year.

The Omotesando stroll to Nezu Museum began at Harajuku Station, stopping at the many exclusive shops designed by the star architects, inspecting their façades and structures. ‘Is it fitting the surroundings?’ ‘How was the design developed?’

The tour viewed a middle-class residential area that became ‘the’ trendy shopping area in Tokyo.

We adjourned the tour in the garden at Nezu Museum.