Omotesando Walking


Visit-1:《St. Anselm Catholic Church》by Antonin Raymond

Visit-2:《Nezu Museum》by Kengo Kuma

Visit-3:《Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium》by Kenzo Tange

Visit-4:《Meiji Jingu Shrine》

Visit-5:《Okuno Buildings》

Participants:  4 professionals in hospitality business

Navigator: Nahoko Wada, Shigeru Yamaki


We met the visitors at Gajyoen Hotel. The tour began with a short walk to St. Anselm Catholic Church designed by Antonin Raymond. We then moved to Shibuya to see the Shibuya crossing from concourse above and from there, took metro to Omotesando. We strolled the streets to Nezu Museum, where we viewed the national treasure, Korin’s Iris Screen and walked in the garden full of people to see azalea, wisteria and real iris. Along the way, there are many unique boutiques with state-of-the-art design. Of special attention are; Prada by Herzog, Dior by SANAA, and Tods by Ito. Lunch was reserved at Sasha by Kanetanaka. Rain began to fall in the afternoon. We viewed Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium from street crossing and entered Meiji Shrine. The day was the first day of Reiwa Era; we were surprised to see a long que of eight hours to obtain stamp with the date. From Meijijingumae, we moved to Ginza to see Okuno Building, an old apartment still being used for small shops and art galleries. We adjourned the tour in front of Nissan Gallery.

Shigeru Yamaki